Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Economically Considered, War And Revolution Are Always Bad Business.

There now about 7 billion of us humans inhabiting the planet.  On a collective scale, very few of us are satisfied with the present standard of living or the reasonable probabilities of improvement.

Why is it necessary for the planet to be a prison for most of us?  How is it that for thousands of years we keep making the same mistakes and nothing has been learned from them?


Yes, every so often corruption builds to a climax- there is a revolution, usually resulting in  considerable loss of life and a very small probability of accomplishing the desired end goal.  But, after thousands of years of higher education and magnificient advancements in the arts and sciences, we are living just as dangerously as our remote ancestors.  The economic systems  that have been created collapse over our heads; the nations set up with pomp and circumstance fade away in a few centuries; the great discoveries which change our way of life are so badly handled that nothing practical is ever gained; and the religions preaching brotherly love are still immersed in sectarian squabbles.

Some like to believe that there are no answers, thus justifying the prevailing corruption. But, the truth is there is considerable things we have learned that can be applied to advance human destiny; this however, is ignored because it represents the fulfillments of natural law based upon an honesty which is actually built into the pattern of human growth.


Every war, great or small, has resulted in destruction to life and property.  No one has ever received permanent good.  The serfs died with their masters, and modern armies die for the ambitions of a few master criminals.  In our times wars are still going on just as they were noted in the Book of Genesis.  With all of our skills and platitudes, in spite of covenants, leagues, and treaties, there has been no improvements to protect private citizens from the cupidity of their leaders.  It would seem that this simple fact wipes our most of our illusions or personal and collective progress.

“serving humanity through love and understanding”

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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