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Optimal Health Is The Cornerstone Of All Human Potential.

Like every game, the game of health has its own specific set of rules. These are not rules created by human ideas or by the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, or religious communities. These rules are the Universal Principles that govern the processes that determine the quality of health we experience. They apply at all times and in every situation without exception.

These Universal Principles include both Spiritual Laws and Laws of Nature.


If you strive to achieve your greatest human potential you will need to be healthy. Why? Because, optimal health is the cornerstone of all human potential.

Our physical presence on this earth, our body, is the vehicle through which we experience the world around us. It is the gift we were given, so we would be able to engage in and experience the universe and all things of creation at the physical level, on the material plane of existence, here on planet earth. It includes all the physical senses: our ability to see, hear, taste, smell and touch.

All of life has intrinsic value. Our physical presence on this planet must have meaning and purpose, simply because we exist. Because of this existence we have potential that was meant to be expressed. Although our existence suggests an implied responsibility to this physical existence, the choice is still ours to make.

Nature never wanted man to leave his body before advanced old age, and if only everyone would obey the laws of nature from his childhood on, instead of constantly working against them, the death of human beings through disease in their youth or middle age would be as rare as death by violence – Ramacharaka, from Yesudian and Haich – Yoga and Health

When we choose to play by the rules. We increase our likelihood of creating favorable health outcomes. When we violate the rules, either by choice or through ignorance, there are inescapable consequences.

So what are the Natural and Spiritual rules of health?

The Laws of Nature refer to those principles that govern how things work in the physical, visible world. Laws of Nature include the proven and accepted principles of physical, chemistry, and biology that we use to explain and understand how the human body functions and is designed to work.  So, “How does the body work as nature intended?” Your ability to master the game of health begins with this question. If you can understand how the body works as nature intended, then you have a foundation, a frame of reference, and a starting point for figuring out how to achieve health and prevent illness and disease.

The Spiritual Laws refer to those principles that govern the energy dynamics in the non-physical, invisible universe. The universe is comprised of information and energy; although the energy of our thoughts and emotions do not have a physical dimension, these invisible forces greatly influence how we experience the physical world. Our physical health does not exist independent of the influence of these non-material factors. Let’s look at some of the Spiritual Laws and how they relate specifically to health:

The Law of Abundance

Although we usually hear about this law in the context of creating material wealth on the planet, it also applies to creating health in your life. There are adequate resources in the universe to crete all things and these resources flow through the dynamic energy exchange of giving and receiving. If you are in need of something, you must be open and ready to receive it. This implies that you not only have to think it and believe it, but your actions must also be in alignment with this belief.

The Law of Action

Although we may desire optimal health and a life that is pain-free, disease-free, and medication-free, only action that is in alignment with the truth about the way the body works as nature intended can make this a reality. All the information and knowledge in the world changes nothing. Your ability to align your actions with the truth about health is the only way to create positive change in your life.

The Law of Attraction

This is the basic law of all manifestation. You attract into your life that into which you put the energy of your thoughts. If you desire good health, you can attract it into your life- but only if your understanding and belief system about health is accurate and truthful. Alternately you also have the power to attract into your life that which you do not want – illness and disease- by focusing your attention and thoughts on what you don’t want. For example, “since this disease runs in my family, so I will also get this disease.”

The Law of Cause and Effect

The elemental patterns of nature exist in balance. Disturbances in these patterns (cause) result in consequential alterations of the patterns of nature (effect). When you nourish the body’s health you create health. When you starve the body of physical nourishment you create sickness. The same is true on the spiritual, mental, and emotional planes. Nourishment creates health; lack of nourishment creates un-health.

The Law of Energy

Everything in the universe is Energy. Energy can be directed to create and support or restrict and block an ultimate goal or destination. Energy includes thoughts and feelings. Energy itself has no meaning, quality, or characteristic other than the one you give it. We operate from two primary energies: love and fear. The Law of Attraction and The Law of Cause and Effect determine the extent to which the outcomes you experience in your life are an expression of either love (expansiveness, abundance, fulfillment, and health) or fear (limitation, lack, unhappiness, and un-health).

The Law of Expectation

Energy follows though; you move toward but not beyond what you can imagine. If you see yourself as being sickly , universal dynamixs will move you toward that direction. If you see yourself as have a strong healthy constitution, with the power to both heal and prevent illness and disease, universal dynamics will help make that reality in your life.

The Law of Free Will or The Law of Choice

We each have the opportunity to express our creative energy in the world in either expansive and positive ways or in limiting and negative ways. This decision is ours alone. No matter what our current health circumstances, we have the power to choose a different path. Whether we realize it or not, we create our path in life based on what we know and what we implement. We can either accept 100% responsibility and accountability for the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that determine our experience of health or we can give up our power and do what others tell us we should do and think about our health.

Are you going through life under someone else’s direction or your own? The choice is yours.

The Law of Giving and Receiving

The universe operates through the principle of dynamic exchange: as you give to others that which you desire to receive, the abundance of the universe is perpetuated in your own life. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. Giving and receiving are opposite sides of the same coin of universal dynamics. The energy of each is equal, and the universe will respond to either with a pull of the energy of the other.

The Law of Healing

We we talk about healing, we are not talking about health care. Health care refers to the mechanical processes used to treat illness and disease: drugs and surgery used by conventional medicine; nutritional supplements used by nutritionists; various techiques of manual manipulation of soft tissue used by massage therapists; manual manipulatiom of joints by chiropractors; and other mechanically or chemically-based techniques. Healing, in contrast, refers to the shifts in energy that occure in the body that precede any physiological changes. We all possess the power to heal; healing energy is within us.

The Law of Intention

Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. Intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power. When we introduce an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality (or the pure ability for something to develop or come into existence), we put this infinite organizing power to work for us.

The Law of Karma or The Law of Consequences

Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. What we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that are in alignment with the way the body workds as nature intended, the fruit of our karma is good health. This is the natural principle of cause and effect. There are no accidents in life. Everything has meaning and purpose. Even our illnesses and diseases have meaning and purpose.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

The source of all creation is pure consciousness. In pure consciousness lies the seed for pure potentiality. Pure potentiality seeks expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. When we realize our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe. When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, you can fulfill any desire you have, including optimal health. Only when we interfere with the natural order of things do we create health problems beyond the body’s natural ability to cope. Every cell in your body has the genetic potential for optimal health.

The Law of Responsibility

Everything in your life you create at some level. In some way you have contributed to the creation of every illness and disease that has befallen you other than those that were present at your birth. Inhere in your ability to embrace this understanding lifes the empowerment to be able to recreate or change anything and everything in your life that is not working for you, including the quality of your life. But, this can only happen when you are willing to accept 100% responsibility and 100% accountability without exception, for everything you experience in your life.

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Dr. Stephen C. Bizal, D.C
Wellness Lifestyle Interventionist

Live and learn. We All Do.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

How Modesty Made Me Fat

This isn’t a story about how modest clothes allowed me to “let myself go” and conceal a growing figure. It’s not even a story about how wearing modest clothes kept my self-esteem at rock bottom and thrust me into a too-close relationship with Ben & Jerry. It’s a story about how modesty doctrines impacted my mind, in ways that had real, negative effects on my body.


Modesty was one of the reasons my defining relationship with my body became whether or not I was “fat.” Modesty was one of the engines that pushed me into a full-blown eating disorder. It’s not just a dress code: It’s a philosophy, and it’s one that destroys young women, mentally and physically.

Modesty taught me that my first priority needed to be making sure I wasn’t a “stumbling block” to men. Not being sexually attractive was the most important thing I had to consider when buying clothes, putting them on, maintaining my weight (can’t have things getting tight!), and moving around (can’t wiggle those hips, or let a little knee show).

Modesty taught me that what I looked like was what mattered most of all. Not what I thought. Not how I felt. Not what I was capable of doing. Worrying about modesty, and being vigilant not to be sexy, made me even more obsessed with my looks than the women in short shorts and spray tans I was taught to hate.

Modesty taught me that I was always on display. There was no occasion in which it was acceptable to be immodest. Not the beach, not at the pool with friends, not in my own backyard (sunbathing was out because a neighbor might glance over and see me). This took my normal self-consciousness as a teenage girl and amped it up to an impossible degree. I once had a bee fly down my (acceptably loose) shirt and, in flailing around to get it out, had a family member comment that I’d just “flashed” my own grandfather.

I was horrified for the rest of the week. That’s not normal. The normal order of priorities is getting dangerous animals out of your clothing first, and then worrying about making your own relatives perv on you second. Not so with the modesty doctrine. I should have let it sting me, apparently. Getting stung was the lesser risk.

Modesty was not just about dress. It was also about moving like a lady. Knees together, butt down, breasts in, arms down. It is impossible to get physically fit while adhering to ladylike movements only. You might be able to run, but only if you wear two sports bras to keep anything from jiggling inappropriately. You certainly can’t do anything with weights. In college, I had the chance to join a horseback riding team for a couple of semesters.

I soon realized that staying on the horse required starting some kind of fitness regimen. In the gym, I found a couple of hip abductor/adductor machines that were handy for building the thigh strength necessary to grip the horse. The problem? I was so embarrassed that somebody might walk in front of me while I was on the machine with my legs spread that I started going to the gym the moment it opened in the morning and avoiding exercise when men were present. In this instance, modesty was literally keeping me weak.

Eventually, I grew comfortable enough with my own body to exercise without worrying about other people happening to look at me. Now, I do an exercise routine that would have scandalized my old self: squats, deadlifts, and barbell rows. I have so much more energy and my mood is so much improved—plus, I can move my own furniture! But I couldn’t have gotten to this point without dumping the modesty doctrine.

Because I couldn’t concentrate on hauling iron while worried that some perv behind me might happen to glance my way and pop his gym shorts. That’s not my job anymore. I’m not responsible for men’s souls, because I no longer think of myself as an object to be looked at and evaluated.

Backing up to before I got to college, modesty contributed to my eating disorder. How? Because I noticed that the best way to keep men from staring at my ass was not to have one. Ditto boobs. The skinnier I got, the less womanly I looked, and the more “modest” I felt, until I was 25 pounds underweight. I was perpetually “fat” in my own mind—because in my own mind, the only acceptable body type was an androgynous one—one that could not possibly provoke a man to lust. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why that was a bad thing.

Modesty taught me that I was a decoration. Everything about my life was governed by whether or not a man was watching. How I moved and what I ate or wore all depended on the male gaze. Modesty taught me that nothing I did mattered more than avoiding sexual attention. Modesty made me objectify myself. I was so aware of my own potential desirability at all times that I lost all other ways of defining myself.

I couldn’t work out or get fit without worrying about attracting men. I couldn’t relax my eating habits for a moment lest my shirts start to pull a little in the chest. I couldn’t grow like a normal human adolescent because staying slim and sexless was the biggest priority in my world.

When you argue that what’s modest and what isn’t is a valid concern for women, you tell them that their appearance matters most. You objectify them. You tell them that whether or not you are sexually aroused by their actions or their dress is more important than anything they want to do or wear. You tell them that they must, at all times, be thinking about you when they are making decisions about their own lives. That’s arrogant. That’s immoral.

When you argue that modesty is just a “debate” that must be won by those whose arguments are strongest in the abstract, you ignore the fact that the “debate” has consequences you don’t have to live with. Women have to live with the consequences of modesty debates. Those debates impact every sphere of their lives: work, play, even their own health and well-being. If you think that, as a man, you can somehow argue “objectively” about what women should or shouldn’t wear and “win” a debate fair and square, let me remind you of a few things.

If a man “loses” a modesty debate, nothing about his life changes. If a man “wins” a modesty debate, nothing about his life changes. But if a woman loses a modesty debate, the entire fabric of her existence changes. If a woman loses a modesty debate, she has lost whole areas of freedom in her life. She now has more things to worry about not doing so that men will not get aroused.

There is no such thing as an “objective” argument in which the stakes are astronomical for one side and nonexistent for the other. Furthermore, by even accepting modesty as a valid area of concern for women, you have accepted a premise that defines women by their looks and objectifies them. Women have already lost the moment a modesty debate begins.

Modesty made me “fat” because it defined my relationship with my body in terms of appearance. Not action. Not gratitude. Not the joy of movement. Just appearance. It also defined my relationship with men as one of predator and prey. It was my job to hide from men so that their sex drive would lie dormant, like a sleeping wolf.

But if that wolf ever awakened, it was not because it had been sleeping for a long time and its circadian rhythm kicked in, or it was just naturally hungry. It was my fault because I had done something to “bait” the wolf. Just by being visibly female, or by moving in “unladylike” ways. You cannot consider women full human beings unless you recognize that their lives do not revolve around the male sex drive. Modesty is a philosophy that dehumanizes. It incites constant fear and vigilance in one sex while excusing the other of all responsibility. It’s immoral.

By Sierra who is a PhD student living in the Midwest.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness

All the great leaders of ancient times realized and taught that the establishment of a state of permanent peace among the nations depended upon the release of human ideals.

One of the most ancient of man’s constructive ideals is the dream of a universal democracy and a cooperation of all nations in a commonwealth of States. The mechanism for the accomplishment of this ideal was set in motion in the ancient temples of Egypt. So brilliant was the plan and so well was it administered that it has survived tour time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished.


And so it is from the remote past, from the deep shadows of the medieval world as well as from the early struggles of more modern times, that the power of American democracy has come.

There can be no doubt that the Ancient Egyptians were aware of the existence of a great continent in the Western Hemisphere. It is nothing short of foolish to assume that the ancients lacked ships sufficiently seaworthy to navigate the larger oceans. Long before the Christian era, the older civilizations had constructed boats far larger and more seaworthy than any of the vessels used by Columbus.

Foreign nations came to this continent in times long ago; but they formed no permanent settlements nor attempted any program of colonization. And so the soil was not impoverished by thousands of years of intensive cultivation, nor were the natural resources ravished to supply the substance to maintain endless wars and ageless feuds.

It was the rise of the democratic dream in Europe that supplied the beginning of western civilization. Those in search of a promised land turned to the West.

By the nineteenth century America was definitely the land of golden opportunity, and to it came streams of immigration from nearly every country on earth. The better way of life drew them here, for it had been established that here men and women could build a future free of tyranny, intolerance, and enforced poverty. Here all were given opportunity for education, for free enterprise, and living a life according to the dictates of hope and conscience.

In a comparatively short time many racial stream have met and mingled, and a new race has been born, the American race is not one to be determined by an analysis of blood or by the proportions of the cranium.


No. Americans are a race determined by the measure of conviction, set apart by that conviction; it is the conviction that human beings are created free, and are entitled to equal opportunity to perfect themselves in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Among men and women of all races and all nations are those who share our conviction, and because they share it they are of our kind and belong to our race.

The old philosophers taught that physical birth is an accident, for men and women are born into various races and nationalities according to the laws of generation; but there is a second birth, which is not an accident; it is the consequence of proper intent. By this second birth we are born by enlightened intelligence out of nation and out of race into an international nation and an international race; America.

America cannot refuse the challenge of leadership in the postwar world. It is not enough that we solve particular problems. We must solve the very cause of the problem itself. Wars, depressions, crime, dictators and their oppressions, are the symptoms giving clear indication of a greater ailment. To examine each problem solely in terms of the problem itself, without recognition of its true relationship to a larger and more universal necessity, is to fail in the broader implications of an enduring peace and prosperity.

Live and learn. We All Do.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Economically Considered, War And Revolution Are Always Bad Business.

There now about 7 billion of us humans inhabiting the planet.  On a collective scale, very few of us are satisfied with the present standard of living or the reasonable probabilities of improvement.

Why is it necessary for the planet to be a prison for most of us?  How is it that for thousands of years we keep making the same mistakes and nothing has been learned from them?


Yes, every so often corruption builds to a climax- there is a revolution, usually resulting in  considerable loss of life and a very small probability of accomplishing the desired end goal.  But, after thousands of years of higher education and magnificient advancements in the arts and sciences, we are living just as dangerously as our remote ancestors.  The economic systems  that have been created collapse over our heads; the nations set up with pomp and circumstance fade away in a few centuries; the great discoveries which change our way of life are so badly handled that nothing practical is ever gained; and the religions preaching brotherly love are still immersed in sectarian squabbles.

Some like to believe that there are no answers, thus justifying the prevailing corruption. But, the truth is there is considerable things we have learned that can be applied to advance human destiny; this however, is ignored because it represents the fulfillments of natural law based upon an honesty which is actually built into the pattern of human growth.


Every war, great or small, has resulted in destruction to life and property.  No one has ever received permanent good.  The serfs died with their masters, and modern armies die for the ambitions of a few master criminals.  In our times wars are still going on just as they were noted in the Book of Genesis.  With all of our skills and platitudes, in spite of covenants, leagues, and treaties, there has been no improvements to protect private citizens from the cupidity of their leaders.  It would seem that this simple fact wipes our most of our illusions or personal and collective progress.

“serving humanity through love and understanding”

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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