Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Simple Life Is Best For The Body

There is no clear evidence or proof that Nature itself wants us to suffer. Nature wants the individual to grow and has provided an environment suitable for growth. Unfortunately, we as human beings over a long period of time have compromised our principles and in so doing have, in one way or another adversely conditioned the world in which we live.


We are as people inhabiting two environments, the larger environment of the world and the smaller environment of our own body.

And it is very difficult to balance this relationship.

Today there are a great number of health experts who are very much involved in the conditioning of the body. We produce some of the finest athletes and all over the world the training of the body for athletic purposes is an acknowledged procedure. However, in the training of the body we are apt to create the concept that the body in itself in the most important of all things. We are inclined to compromise or even deny the growth of the person in the body in a deep, powerful program of maintaining the physical form itself. This is wrong.

The physical body is governed by laws, as is everything in the universe. The laws of the physical body are very simple, although they are very difficult to enforce.

Without the body there is a vaporous abstraction with no means of making contact with the material world around us.



Contemporarily we have “the good life,” which very largely is lived at the expense of health, consisting of indulgence of the appetites. It is impossible for a body governed by natural law to work in harmony with a mind or emotion that is violating natural law. The conflict between the natural needs of the body and the artificial activities of the individual is bound to result in bad health.

There are natural protections by which the body seeks to restore itself.  The body is a tremendously complicated mechanism, but in the process of millions of years it has built strong defence mechanisms.  To function, however, these mechanisms must be in cooperation with the person inhabiting it.  It is proper for the body to receive nutrition, exercise, to practice hygiene; but in all things we should treat our body as a faithful friend. When we spoil that relationship we are in trouble.

If we live in a world in which most of human activity is devoted to a single economic maintenance, the body is going to be one of the primary victims. It was not intended to work deep under the earth hour after hour, year after year, nor was it intended to be locked into an industrial situation in which there was no incentive for the development of the person in the body.

This person becomes merely a servant of a world economic institution. As a result, the body suffers and gradually falls into a variety of infirmities.

The material life is largely at fault. Materialism estimates the value of a complete human being in terms of his economic productivity. He is here not to be a person, but to maintain an ever-expanding system of world industry. This industry takes people away from the natural habits of life, deprives us of, in many instances, of the proper emotional integration in our home, businesses and everywhere we function.

We are being locked into a life largely governed by computerization.

The body needs a proper environment, and in our present intense scientific industrialism the body of the individual is sacrificed to external factors that are themselves not necessarily valid. The body is expected to perform all kinds of labors. It is brought under the control of an economic theory in which people employ the body rather than the person in it, and if the body fails, the abilities of the person are rejected.

We have various means of combating different ailments, but we have also developed a very pernicious situation, which will have to be faced ultimately by every thoughtful person, which is the failure of the medical theory and systems protecting health.

We are working more to find ways to remedy our own mistakes, but we are not being instructed on how to prevent these mistakes. We may get a nutritionist who will help us balance the body, but this same balance of the body may not touch into the inner causes of deterioration because an unhealthy mind, even in a healthy body, will ultimately destroy health.

We are also trying to remove the symptoms of our own indiscretions. We are developing an elaborate pharmacology, which is dedicated largely to obscuring mistakes. We are trying to neglect or kill out the body’s natural means of bringing problems to the attention of the mind.

Many of the medications that we use are actually destructive to the body and its own natural resources. Thus we have covered a basic mistake by finding artificial remedies to obscure the truth. We feel that if we have obscured the truth al is well.

We are therefore of the opinion in general that if we abolish the symptom we have cured the ailment. This is not true and never can be.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Organ Patterned After The World’s Soul

The mystery of the heart is something we really think little about unless something goes wrong with it and then, probably more than any other type of ailment, a kind of fear sets in upon us.  Only under those conditions do we really begin to try to understand what the heart means.

The heart is described anatomically as a hollow muscular organ of conical form, about 5 inches in length, three and one-half inches in breath, and two and one-half inches in thickness.  5d778ec5de81c633b00b228e1f894458

It varies somewhat in weight, being from 10 to 12 ounces in the males and from 8 to 10 ounces in the females.  The organ is placed obliquely in the chest, with its apex directed forward, downward and to the left, and is divided by a longitudinal muscular septum and a transverse constriction into four cavities, of which the two upper cavities are called auricles and the two lower cavities, ventricles.

The heart may be considered as a double organ, of which the right side is devoted to the circulation of trebled through the lungs and the left side to its distribution by the aorta and its subdivisions throughout the entire body.

The heart is an epitome of the whole body.  It therefore consists of three cavities of the body – cerebral, thoracic, and abdominal- as well as the three divisions into mind, body and spirit.

The pulse has often been referred to as the heavenly breath; w1 it is the rhythm of the Infinite.  The drum of Shiva – the drum that beats in every man.

The heart is in reality, as has always been represented in symbolic art, a symbol for not only of the power to maintain life, but a metaphorical symbol used to represent the love of God. Both the heart and love are the seat of life, and the heart through its mysterious workings gives us a key to the extraordinary tenacity of life.

The heart beats from the cradle to the grave.  It is for the most part a self-renovating, self-restoring function.  It serves the body to distribute, as the light of this energy does for life and survival, continuity to every cell in the body.  It is the nourisher.  It is the central spiritual power by means of which the billions and billions of little lives within ourselves can be compared with little villages along the shores of a great river.

The great arterial river, which flows out of the heart, is for the preservation and the healing of nations. We do not realize adequately in our interrelationships with others that the failure of love destroys thought.  The mind is very much like a child and it is the mind that decides that it is running everything.  It forgets that if the heart stops for a minute the empire of the mind falls apart.

The heart is not only the temple of God in the microcosm; it is also the Holy City, the Jerusalem of the Jews and Christians, the Mecca of Islam, and the Benares of the pious Hindus.  Among all the organs in the body the heart remains chief and king.

The great most precious part of our body, to which God especially looks.  

The heart has preeminence over all the members of our body, and that the supreme power over our whole life is entrusted to it.

The body is in the heart as the oak is in the acorn.

The idea of a temple is a symbol of a spiritual universe in the midst of a material one.  It was the heart of the cultural life of the community, supporting the well being of man as the heart supports the physical body.

In the book of Hermes it is written that the eternal power placed itself in the mysterious pyramid of the heart and that the pyramid of Giza was an ancient mathematical formula to represent the heart of life.

The heart is in constant motion and is the source of every motion noticed in the body; it rules over the other members, and communicates to them through its own pulsations the force required for the functions.


Every motion in the universe thus has its origin in the motion of that sphere; and the soul of every animate being derives its origin from the soul of that same sphere.

Even if the head is severed from the body the heart will continue to beat for thirty minutes.  It will beat for some hours if wrapped in cotton wool and placed in a warm place. The spot in the heart, which is the last of all to die, is the death of life, the center of all, the first spot that lives in the fetus, and the last that dies.

Here it is the pacemaker; here it is that mysterious thing which flavors the melody of life without discriminatin.  We may say it has its own internal discrimination, but it does not play favorites with any part of the body.  It serves them all as the one powers which gives them life and makes possible the continuance of their existence, as does the sun.

It is actually in a sense the symbol of the presence of the Divine in us all.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Human Body Is The Best Picture Of The Human Soul

The body is analogous to humanity.  The human body as a body is a commonwealth, is the most magnificent example of cooperation that exists to our knowledge or understanding.  There is cooperation in the parts of the body which we have never been able to find in human society.  This cooperation means that all parts are working together for the common good.


This is something we know is necessary, but we have never been able to take this great truth and expand it into our collective existence.  Nothing in the body is indispensable; all sections, parts, elements, and degrees of bodily existence are in a magnificent homogenous pattern working together forever.  Discord is artificial to them.

We are our brother’s keeper in a sense, certainly we are the keeper of the life that has been given to us.  If we are gods in the making it is time for us to make good our kingdom right here where it is.  That begins by the proper understanding of what constitutes a normal, proper relationship between governing and governed.

We are all growing and unfolding creatures, releasing little by little the divine potential within us  We may not always be able to be the wisest of governors, but we do have a responsibility to make a good try.  Beneath our skin is one of the most complex and magnificent structures that can possible be imagines and we have not recognised it as a symbol of the larger world within which we live.

Today there is a great crisis in the world.  There is lack of cooperation, lack of dedication, lack the realisations that humanity is a body, and that this body is ensouled.  The corruptions by which human beings relate to each other cause world sickness just as they cause confusion within the body itself.


It is not easy to fathom the mysteries of Deity or the Holy Scriptures, it is not within everyone’s capacity to understand the universe and all of its mysterious workings, but when these things are brought together in a little model, a miniature of the whole, they are available to us every day in every walk of life.  They are closer to us than physical relationships that canoeist because they are part of ourselves.  By exploring this little universe we call ourselves, we not only become more aware of the greater universe, but aware that this greater universe is also within us.  All the great principles of truth, all the great wisdom of the ages, all the great spiritual revelations are brought downward in a mysterious way and locked within the body of the human being.

The body exists for on purpose only and that is to reveal that which is within it.  The body exists to provide an appropriate instrument for the measurements and for the manifestations of the human soul.  Thus the body has to have a formal structure suitable to meet the same needs that the universe had when it came forth our of the pre-existent condition of things.

The body, therefore, has to be more than a mass of matter or a mere machine, it has to become a means for the expression of that which is within it.  No rule that is going to stand in Nature around us or in our “physical” achievements can go contrary to the rules governing the creation of the physical form.  The physical form was not really physical in origin; it was physical by extension.

Live and Learn.  We All Do.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Am Very Proud Of My Daughter

I have this to say about my daughter, Ronda

Like every mother and daughter on the face of the earth, Ronda and I don’t always see eye to eye. However, there is one situation where I am pretty certain.


All of those who have criticized Ronda for taking a loss so to heart, for not just ‘shrugging it off’ don’t understand that what made Ronda so successful is that she cares DEEPLY about winning to an extent that I don’t believe the average person can wrap his/her head around.

Caring deeply about something and working your hardest to achieve it doesn’t mean you make the right decisions 100% of the time. Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if it did?

Those of you who want to criticize Ronda, I just want to point out a few things. First of all, I know her better than you and she is a smart, kind, talented, generous, hard-working person.

Second, I’d like to list some of her accomplishments, and note that she isn’t yet 30 years old:

  • Junior World Judo Champion
  • Panamerican Games Judo Gold Medalist
  • First American woman in a decade to win a world cup in judo (and then she went on to win several more)
  • S. Open Gold Medalist
  • World Judo Championships Silver Medalist
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • S. Senior National Champion
  • First UFC World Champion
  • First woman to make a million dollars in martial arts
  • Co-authored sports book of the year – My Fight/ Your Fight
  • Acted in three movies

That’s just a partial list, but let me suggest that someone who has been world level athlete in two sports, written a best seller, acted in movies and made millions of dollars, all before the age of 30 has a pretty darn good track record. On top of that, Ronda has been part of the USADA drug testing since she was 16 years old, never failed a drug test,  always paid her taxes, never been arrested, never been to rehab, has zero divorces, zero DUIs and zero children. While you might think that is to be expected, look how many celebrities (heck, look how many of your neighbors) can say that.

I am very proud of my daughter.

As my other wonderful daughter, Maria, told her:

“We love you just as much 10 minutes after every fight as we did in the 10 minutes before.”

AnnMaria De Mars

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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