Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Greatest Obstacle To Progress Is Prejudice

Young folks generally do not wish to listen, and it becomes necessary for them to go through a number of unhappy experiences before they discover that perhaps their parents knew something.  In the world of thought and philosophy, all that has gone before constitutes, in a wonderful way, an elder.


We can profit by the experiences of the past because, although our own ways of life are changing, somewhere in this world people have gone through all the experiences we go through.  Sometimes they went through these experiences long ago, and their adventures are half forgotten; but, by degrees, we are realizing that this is truly one planet, that this planet is inhabited by one humanity, and that from the beginning of time, this humanity has had a wonderful capacity to get into trouble.

All over the world, there have arisen teachers-wonderful leaders, idealists, dreamers, sages, saviors, and saints- who have sought to help man.  Now, if every type of humanity were essentially different, teachers could only help their own; but while races look different and have different languages and habitats, the essential problems of man are universal.

A man is still hungry in any part of the world.  He can still be broken-hearted on any part of earth.  He can suffer war and pillage anywhere.  He knows age, sickness, and death, regardless of country or language.  Thus in the great values, we are one people.

Today we have realized that it is nice for us to have dishes, perhaps, that were made in Denmark, or good wollens that are made in Scotland, or enjoy various art treasures and commodities from other parts of the world.  But, now is the time that we realize that we should also have a free exchange of ideas in order that each individual may enjoy the best of what the world knows.  Any less adequate is a prejudice of some kind, and prejudice does not help very much in times of trouble.  And boy are we in trouble!


Live and Learn. We All Do.

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